Government Invoice Discounting
How It Works
Government Invoice Discounting, a cornerstone of ProfitHub's services, revolutionizes your business cash flow dynamics. When you render services or provide products to government entities, you often face delayed payments. Our solution addresses this challenge by allowing you to submit these pending government invoices to us. We promptly evaluate the invoices and offer you an immediate cash advance based on the invoice amount.
Our Process
  • The SME received a PO or Tender from a government department.
  • The SME has already completed work in relation to the PO or Tender.
  • The SME issues an invoice for the completed work.
  •  The SME offers the payment to be received from the invoice to ProfitHub.
  • ProfitHub conducts due diligence on invoices and prepares necessary paperwork.
  • ProfitHub advances up to 75% of the value of the invoice to the SME.
  • ProfitHub waits with the SME for payment from the government department.
  • When the invoice pays ProfitHub receives its capital in interest and the SME keeps the rest.
Government Invoice Discounting Rates
ProfitHub charges interest rate for Government Invoice Discounting transactions which varies based on the loan amount and the risks of the transaction.

ProfitHub carefully considers the unique merits of each transaction, but the following requirements will take preference:

Minimum Requirements
  • 1
    Your invoice must be approved for payment.
  • 2
    Your Invoice must be more than R400 000.00
  • 3
    Your Invoice must be payable within 60 days.
Alternative Finance Group
ProfitHub is a partner of the AFG Group.